Distinguished Gentlemen

Distinguished Gentlemen (DG) Master Plan


The purpose of Distinguished Gentlemen is to persuade disadvantaged young males to attend and complete college, vocational training, or the military after high school. Distinguished Gentlemen encourages young men to be lifelong gentlemen by providing examples of responsible male behavior and exposing them to life outside of their communities.

Need for DG

Birmingham, Alabama is consistently labeled as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Teenagers in Birmingham are at high risk of being victims or perpetrators of crime. Most Birmingham residents live below the poverty line. This results in many young people learning the drug trade in their teens. Some schools within the city experience dropout rates over 50%. Other factors effecting the quality of life for young people in Birmingham include: low college enrollment, teenage pregnancy, STDs, HIV, and AIDS, debt and lack of financial intelligence, lack of good manners, low morals and morale, poor health and diets, lack of exposure to life outside of their communities, ignorance of career choices and professional dress, and lack of positive role models.


Distinguished Gentlemen is an organization targeted at teenage males living in the Birmingham and surrounding areas.   It resembles a college fraternity but it is for middle and high school males. DG has a creed, official colors, a logo, steps, dance, chants, and friendship bonds similar to fraternities. Potential members must go through an initiation process where grades, behavior, attitude, future goals, and enthusiasm are considered. Parental consent is mandatory. DG members participate in fundraisers, service, social, educational, and spiritual activities together. DG advisers are respectful professional gentlemen whose duty is to be a positive example and encourage the best of life from each member.


  • Guide young men to and through college, military training, or vocational school
  • Provide examples of responsible male behavior
  • Model and teach respectable dress
  • Introduce a variety of career paths
  • Expose young men to life outside of their communities
  • Promote a healthy physical and spiritual body
  • Teach responsible financial skills
  • Introduce entrepreneurial concepts
  • Explain responsible sexual behavior


  • College tours
  • Bowling, zip lining, and paint ball
  • Lessons on dressing
  • Step shows
  • Field trips
  • Prison tour
  • Sports events
  • Church
  • Gentlemen’s talk
  • Guest speakers
  • Fundraisers
  • Service activity
  • Civic involvement
  • Dinners
  • Officer and leadership training
  • Physical and athletic training
  • Money management
  • Entrepreneurship

Vision and Future

  • The vision of DG is to become an elite organization in an around Birmingham. Young men will see DG and be motivated to become a member and remain a member in good standing. DG will have 100 percent graduation and 100 percent college/military placement. No DG members will become victims of the criminal justice system. Former members will come back to contribute to what they credit for their personal success.
  • DG will be adequately funded through donations, grants, and annual fundraising events.
  • DG will acquire a headquarters for the purposes of meetings, events, socializing, education enrichment, speakers, and career training. This building will be a shrine for gentlemen hood and provide a safe place for members year round.
  • DG will acquire reliable transportation for all logistical needs.
  • DG members will be sought out as ambassadors of their communities.
  • DG members will be respected because they give respect.


  1. 7th or 8th grade male
  2. Respectful behavior
  3. Teacher reference
  4. No suspensions
  5. Parental consent

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